Migrate to SaaS

As an Independent Software Vendor, you’re facing a challenging time. As your clients move to the Cloud, the old model of on-premises software application becomes outdated. Migrating to Software as a Service is a market imperative. NTT ICT can help you with this transition.

More and more these days, customers no longer want to buy licenses from software vendors to install their software and infrastructure. It’s easier to pay software license fees per user and month for the software to be up and running in the Cloud. But moving to this model for software vendors can be difficult, even as they’re losing customers. Software may or may not be web-based; it may not lend itself easily to being delivered in the Cloud. It may require a client-side application or be designed to be multi-tenanted.

NTT ICT provides consulting, analysis and design services for you to address these challenges and make the move to a cloud-based business model; our experience in this area is unmatched.


With support from NTT ICT, Independent Software Vendors can migrate to SaaS with benefits such as:

  • Expertise: You leverage NTT ICT’s extensive expertise to discover the best way to deliver software in a pure consumption model, create architecture that addresses any constraints in your software design and then allow it to be delivered in a multi-think client environment. We have extensive knowledge about enabling technologies: how to manage your database, deliver the application and monitor complex transactions.
  • Implementation: We’ll deploy, manage, maintain and evolve your software platform, underpinned with the engineering skills and knowledge for effective design, tailored to your customer’s software architecture.


Migrate to SaaS

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