It is hard to understate the business opportunities in Asia. Rapid economic expansion, huge investment in infrastructure, a growing middle class and rising consumer spending all make the region a lucrative prospect for Western companies. But there are big challenges too.

The need to limit capital investment matched with mastering local regulations and customs represent difficult tasks. You’ll need the support of a partner who has local knowledge and capabilities and can set up your infrastructure rapidly and effectively.

Whether you are entering the Asian markets or building on an existing presence, our team can help. As the leading ICT provider in the region, we are committed to helping companies of all kinds succeed in the Asia-Pacific. 


Work with our team at NTT ICT to expand your business into Asia. We match our world-class global ICT infrastructure and systems to the local expertise and infrastructure you need for operational success.

  • World-class ICT infrastructure and systems: Our customers value us because we provide a flexible network and ICT infrastructure backbone that acts as a secure gateway to one of the world’s most economically vibrant regions.  
  • Local expertise and infrastructure: Our unrivalled presence throughout Asia means we are able to provide the in-country expertise, people, skills, infrastructure and understanding you need to thrive. We can navigate the minefield of doing business in a foreign land, advising on everything from data centres to local legislation and business customs – while we provide local account and technical support to ensure smooth planning and coordination of projects at all levels.

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