With NTT ICT deploying your infrastructure, we will transform your IT and converge your infrastructure while keeping your technology running. With a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, our experience in proposing, designing and implementing IT solutions for enterprise and government is world class.

NTT ICT will provide you with the management and support you need to ensure that your solution is implemented effectively and efficiently deployed. We’ll do this through a team of experts that you can trust and who keep you briefed on everything you want to know. You can choose from the level of support and briefing that you require. We’ll be glad to support your enterprise to reach its desired successful outcomes. 

At the same time, as a valued client of NTT ICT, you can be confident in the fact that NTT ICT has the highest level of certifications across a large number of Industry-leading vendors. NTT ICT invests heavily in our resources to make sure we’re industry-leading experts across all of our products and solutions. It’s part of our core philosophy, and helps to make us the best.


By allowing NTT ICT to assist you with deployment, your benefits include:

  • Expertise: Your smooth and stress-free deployment will be ensured by our team of skilled senior engineers who have years of experience deploying complex IT projects. Specialists will be selected to match your technology requirements. 
  • Flexibility: Utilise our services according to your needs, whether to work in conjunction with your IT team, or to take complete ownership and accountability for the successful completion of your project. We’ll be there every step of the way from initiation through to full functionality testing using our proven frameworks. 
  • Skill-sharing and training: It’s important to leave you with a thorough understanding of your chosen solution and the confidence to manage it moving forward. Our experts are more than happy to share the skills and information we use to ensure streamlined deployment with your team, through formal and on-the-job training.