Vulnerability Assessment & Management Services

NTT ICT’s commitment to the latest technology and innovation combined with our unique experience means that we’re able to provide a full suite of Vulnerability Management Services to enterprise and government clients alike in an affordable way. 

By adopting NTT ICT vulnerability management services, you are leveraging significant cost savings for your business through lower spending, achieving economy of scale and better efficiency.  

Types of Vulnerability Management Services

Fully Managed Services
Perfect for any enterprise that needs specialist security services without the cost of an in-house team.

Self-service Management
Some organisations are already equipped with an in-house security team, but require a Technology Partner to handle the set-up, secure housing, on-going management of licenses and high availability of service.

Hybrid Management
Get the best of both worlds through a combination of Self-managed and managed features, customised to meet the specific performance, security and compliance needs of your organisation – and solve business problems that can’t be addressed by a single product.

How does ntt ict ASSESS threats and vulnerabilitIES?

Assessing the effectiveness of both internal and external security controls is an essential part of protecting an organisation from vulnerabilities and threats. Understanding the changing threats and prioritising vulnerabilities is not a simple task that can be left to automated tools. Assessments can also highlight weaknesses in management and business processes that could be exploited.

Why use NTT ICT Vulnerability Assessment & Management Services

  • Scanning system is based in Australia
  • Different levels of services and costing to suit different business needs
  • Highly-accurate scanning with low false positives
  • Scalable to hundreds-of-thousands of systems
  • Easy deployment and maintenance
  • Remote monitoring via the NTT ICT Customer Portal
  • Solution-based Service Level Agreements designed specifically for your needs

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