Enterprise Security Architecture

The growth of data usage, a move towards an increasingly mobile workforce and the emergence of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) can drive real business benefits.  To enable your organization to fully capitalize on the opportunities that these trends can bring, it is important that IT architecture is properly secured and the risks addressed.

NTT ICT can help deliver an ESA that meets your current and future business goals, allowing you to embrace technology, provide a competitive edge and to drive new business opportunities.

Our consultative approach to ESA uses our Global Enterprise Methodology and includes reviewing your current architecture, assets, applications, processes and infrastructure.  This is assessed in the context of your Security and Risk management requirements.  The outputs are a prioritized set of activities and Security programs that are directly matched to your commercial goals, allowing the recommendations to be understood at all levels of your organization to help drive company-wide alignment.

Enterprise Security Architecture at a glance:

  • Enterprise Security Architecture (ESA) is essential to align your business strategy to IT Security
  • New technologies can enable business benefits, though a robust ESA is required to fully capitalize on opportunities
  • A successful ESA aligns Risk management to business strategy, allowing technology to be embraced and supporting your organizational goals
  • Many partners only offer part of the solution so choosing the right advisor is essential

Benefits of the NTT ICT approach:

  • We work with you to deliver all, not part, of the solution
  • Create visibility and drive results using our highly effective Global Enterprise Methodology (GEM)
  • Highly experienced in Risk and Security Management
  • Trusted Advisor to sophisticated and complex organizations worldwide
  • We match the deliverables against your commercial goals