Colocation Services Melbourne

Thinking about colocation? There are compelling reasons to consider Melbourne - Australia's technology hub, ‘knowledge city', and home to more than half of Australia's top 20 technology companies.

Why Colocation with NTT ICT in Melbourne Makes Sound Business Sense

Colocation makes exceptional business sense. These days, the economies of scale achieved in a purpose built data centre far outweigh the benefits of trying to keep it all under your own roof. At NTT Communications ICT Solutions (NTT ICT), our state-of-the-art, carrier neutral data centres offer significant cost savings and exceptional reliability and security.

NTT ICT is a Premier Partner at Melbourne’s award-winning NEXTDC M1 Data Centre. We offer an industry leading set of managed services that could make this your last ever infrastructure relocation.

What’s more, we have a Network Operations Centre (NOC) in NEXTDC M1, meaning our highly experienced professionals will be at your beck and call – giving you immediate on-site support when you need it.


Should you require extra value for your colocation, we can also provide:


  • Cloud Services - on-demand public and private cloud services
  • Network Services - public and private network connectivity, cloud provider interconnects e.g. AWS Direct Connect, Azure
  • Managed Infrastructure - operating system, hardware level management for servers, networking and storage
  • Convenient Location


 The NTT ICT Melbourne data centre is just outside of the major metropolitan CBD area, perfect for colocation, and easily accessible by a range of transport options.

 More colocation options for your business in Melbourne

NTT ICT colocation services come in a flexible range of power and cooling options to support anything from one rack unit devices to the most powerful blade server or storage enclosures. Optional additional colocation services in the data centre include remote hands and feet, managed infrastructure and utility (cloud) services.

 NTT ICT data centres

Our purpose built data centres and managed colocation services offer significant operational advantages over keeping it in-house. They also offer a lower, fixed cost of ownership.


Many organisations simply grind to a halt when their IT infrastructure is struck by power outages. When your IT operations are collocated within our data centre, it’s business as usual, a sound reason for colocation. NTT ICT data centres are built to the highest levels of availability (Tier3+) and reliability.

Colocation Security in Melbourne

Colocation security requires careful management. NTT ICT data centres have multiple layers of security; while giving you and your technology partners the access you need.

Colocation Security measures include:

  • Fully staffed facilities
  • Swipe card access
  • Controlled mantraps
  • Digitally recorded CCTV
  • Rack options to suit your requirements for security and compliance
  • Private caged areas available for extra security

Peace of Mind: You’re in safe hands with our 24x365 support, as well as knowing that our world-class quality is backed by vast global experience and stringent compliance with various industry standards.


Data centres are major traffic hubs, attracting a huge range of service providers all competing to win your business. Colocation at NTT ICT facilities offers significant cost savings on connectivity – you can expect to save 20–40% on the cost of a circuit delivered to our data centre versus an office-based facility. Or you can use our managed Internet services. The choice is yours.

 Power density

Modern IT equipment like blade servers and storage are hungry for lots of power in a small space. Yet many IT environments are not built to cope. All NTT ICT data centres are built for power hungry IT environments. Our data centres can power and cool equipment in measures of up to 12 kW in single rack without operational risk.

 Energy efficiency

Another plus for colocation is that our data centres are purpose-built for energy efficiency, and are typically 20–40% more efficient than office-based facilities. This is due to our efficient internal distribution systems, and our connection to the national grid via high voltage cable.

  • Technical Specifications for Colocation in Melbourne
  • Melbourne data centre features:
  • Enhanced Tier III standard
  • Rack Power provided from 2 kW to 12 kW in 1 kW increments, support for higher power workloads in excess of 25kW per rack using hot-aisle or cold-aisle containment, or water-cooled solutions.
  • SLA-backed power and environmental conditions (temperature and humidity)

 Melbourne colocation:

  • 1000 m2 gross area and 5000 m2 of future expansion space; 500 rack spaces plus 100 equivalent high density inline cooling PODs
  • Up to 1,500 watts/m2 power for air-conditioning
  • Uptime SLA of 99.999%, conforming to Tier 3 classification from the Uptime institute. 

Inter data centre networking: For smaller customers who don’t need large amounts of bandwidth, NTT ICT colocation offers you the ability to rent a share of a network link between two points, between our two Sydney data centres and between Sydney and Melbourne. Easy and cost-effective, it saves you having to buy your own.

NTT ICT also offers: 

Data Centre Services

NTT’s Data Centre Services in Melbourne provide you a high-quality long-term solution to increase your business’s efficiency and reduce your risks and costs, no matter where you are in the world.

Managing your own data centre, especially in a global organisation, is a difficult task. Your team needs to be available 24x7 with the right skills to do the job.

Colocation or transitioning your in-house environment to an NTT data centre reduces the hassle and cost of managing your own data centre team. Our professionals are ready to provide you immediate on-site access to skilled engineers, day and night.  

Cloud Computing

NTT ICT offers a range of enterprise-class Cloud services to suit your demands in Melbourne. Become more agile with Cloud services and create cost-saving and security benefits for your business.

Choose from a Private, Public, Hybrid or On-Premise Cloud Service and access a complete solution from a single point of contact and tailored to your requirements. We’ll find the best match for your requirements from a range of options, oversee implementation and provide unparalleled customer service.  

IP Transit

NTT ICT’s IP Transit provides access to high-speed, high capacity IP communications in Melbourne. This translates into faster internet access, minimise distance delays and benefit from our seamless service and support.

Being one of the world’s top-ranked Global Tier 1 IP backbones, our IP network is connected to major ISPs and contents in Asia, Europe, America and Oceania, providing high quality and reliable services you need, backed by 24/7 global customer support. 

 The IT landscape in Melbourne

As the centre of the State of Victoria's ICT industry, Melbourne hosts over 8,000 companies, including many international firms such as IBM, Microsoft and Intel.

Melbourne leads the state which has a substantial ICT industry, generating A$34 billion in revenue annually and employing around 91,300 people directly. Lifestyle is a major drawcard: Melbourne recently ranked first in the global human capital and lifestyle index. In the past five years, nearly 20,000 new technology professionals moved to Melbourne which produces more ICT graduates than any other Australian city.

Software development firms in Melbourne form a mature, well-connected and highly talented, innovative ecosystem. They collaborate in supportive start-up business environments and seek opportunities in sector clusters such as Open Source Victoria, the Australian Software Innovation Forum, eLearning, Spatial Victoria, and the Game Developers Association of Australia (GDAA).

As a core centre for world-class universities, Melbourne is a magnet for talent. A recent national report into research excellence (produced by the Australian Research Council) in the information and computing sciences recognises Monash University's performance as 'above world standard', and the University of Melbourne's as 'delivering outstanding performance, well above world standard'.

Melbourne is the technology hub for NBN Co, hosting the NBN Co National Operations Centre (NOC) and the backup NOC. The national broadband network (NBN) is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Australia's history, and one of the largest broadband networks in the world. The project will provide high-speed broadband access to Australian homes and businesses via fibre to the node (FTTN) services.


 NEXTDC M1 Port Melbourne Victoria