Lynas Corporation

Lynas Corporation partners with NTT iCT to prepare for growth

Client: Lynas Corporation

Business Challenge: Rapid IT Growth

Industry: Mining

Solution: Partner - NTT Com Security

Location: Australia


Deploy a full-service IT solution for a rapid growing company in Austalia and Asia.


Support rapid IT growth for a fast growing company. Need reliable data network in multiple countries and locations.


Project management, planning and implementation of 2 x Hitachi Data Systems HUS110 and 3 x HP Servers

Partner Solutions

NTT Com Security solutions


  • Delivered project on time and on budget
  • Solution provided easier maintenance therefore freed up two hours of IT team's time each month

Today, Lynas is an international business with operations in Asia and Australia. Its IT needs have expanded from hardware supply to include almost all of NTT ICT’s market solutions; including colocation and multiple availability zone hosting, a multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) network, hardware supplies, a managed
security service, wide area network (WAN) acceleration, managed print service, video conferencing, licensing requirements, and general IT support.

A Partnership

Australian-based rare earths mining and processing company Lynas Corporation Limited (ASX: LYC) has partnered with NTT Communications ICT Solutions (NTT ICT) to deploy a full-service IT solution, that has been instrumental in the company’s growth and continued success.

"NTT ICT had been on our radar for a while. It was their reach,networks, and local expertise that really influenced our decision making process. Looking back, we’ve had rapid IT growth in the last three years, and this can be attributed to the strong relationship we have with the NTT ICT team. No task has ever been too small, or too ambitious.

In the very early days, the NTT ICT team was able to see past the fact that we were small, and that we didn’t have deep pockets. They saw that we had a solid plan in place to achieve our Asia goals and that we needed consistent IT support to achieve this. They came on board and their commitment to our brand has helped us become who we are today. Our relationship extends from high-level expansion plans, right down to changing our CEO’s hardware when on the run.”

Lynas and NTT ICT first joined forces in 2011 when Lynas was still a development company. NTT ICT’s then Australian arms (NTT Australia, Frontline, and Harbour MSP; which have now consolidated to bring to market a fully-integrated IT offering), worked with Lynas to scope, plan, set, specify, and implement all of the company’s internal IT infrastructure. With an in-house IT team of just nine and strong growth ambitions on the horizon, Lynas CIO Gillian Kidson said the team partnered with NTT ICT as they needed a strong, agile technology partner from day one.

Globlal Reach

With offices and operational sites across Australia and Malaysia, Lynas requires a strong and reliable data network available in multiple locations to function on a day-to-day basis. Having multiple locations in international waters, they also need a technology partner who could cater to remote locations swiftly and with ease. Alan Frazer, Business Development Manager, NTT ICT, said: “While the majority of Lynas’ IT activity is run out of Australia, with an international site in Malaysia, naturally there are some circumstances where a foreign IT issue could occur. Having a NTT ICT base close to their remote location, gives peace of mind. For example, if there’s an urgent hardware requirement, we’re able to place the order here locally, but execute the send out in Malaysia. The product comes from our Malaysia warehouse, removing customs restrictions and potentially huge shipping hours and critical time wasted.

Flexibility and Agility

Kidson added, “The nature of our business sees us encounter a number of situations that demand flexibility and agility. Some of our sites are located, quite literally, in the middle of the desert. We need to make sure we have the right equipment to withstand this environment and the challenges it presents. We rely on NTT ICT’s experience and knowledge to push us in the right direction when making important IT decisions.”

"We rely on NTT ICT's experience and knowledge to push us in the right direction when making important IT decisions."

Security Solution

However, the Lynas and NTT ICT relationship isn’t built only on servicing existing needs. In 2012, the Lynas website experienced a series of high profile website hacks and a denial-of-service attack, that jeopardised the company’s profile and security. “We were able to engage our security partner, NTT Com Security to deploy a range of infrastructure security solutions and managed firewalls that improved controls around internet- accessed services for employees, contractors and the general public,” said Frazer. “Previously, this type of attack hadn’t been on the company’sradar, but since growing in size and reach, they’ve become exposed to new types of risks. The above implementation allows Lynas to not only combat attacks once they happen, but prevent them before they start."

"We see the NTT ICT team as an extension of our business not someone we outsource our services to."


“We’re constantly working with Lynas to identify potential issues and growth opportunities. It always starts with a conversation – lets talk about what can be done and what the potential needs are. By investing time in knowing their team and their business goals, we’re able to work together and cut a lot of red tape that can come from a vendor/customer relationship”,
said Frazer. “We see the NTT ICT team as an extension of our business, not someone we outsource our services to. We look forward to
growing with them into the future,” added Kidson

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