Why HPE SimpliVity's hyperguarantees matter

Why does a guarantee matter?

If you’re going to make a major commitment to an IT solution, I believe you should look at guarantees rather than at how vendors often promote their products, by touting a best performance.

I came to this conclusion years ago after I was trying to benchmark different servers using SPEC CPU 2006. The SPECInt and SPECfp benchmarks that I needed weren’t available in the list of published results so I had to fork out for a benchmark tool and then, even for matching configurations, I couldn’t manage to recreate the published results.  

What I learned from this is that many vendors advertise the best that their product can do, but this is in a highly controlled or ideal environment. So, the result will be great but will you be able to replicate it?  

So, I really mistrust claims that a storage array can provide up to this great number of IOPS or up to that amazing low latency. You don’t need to know what a product on a single occasion has as its best performance. You need to know what kind of performance you’re likely to get on an average basis when you use it.

What this means is if a vendor makes a guarantee, you know that you’ll get at least what they promise.

HPE SimpliVity offers a guarantee of 90% storage reduction. This means that the 90% storage reduction is the minimum you will get. Under a standard deployment, you can typically expect a 40:1 reduction ratio.

If you think about it, HPE SimpliVity offers you a bottom line of benefits that is better than any other vendor’s average. No other product in the market guarantees a 90% storage reduction.

What’s more, HPE SimpliVity Storage reduction is only one of five guarantees you get with a standard deployment. HPE SimpliVity guarantees that it is:

  • HyperE­fficient: Gain a capacity savings of at least 90% across combined storage and backups compared to traditional solutions, through HPE SimpliVity’s built-in VM-centric backup
  • HyperProtected: HPE SimpliVity’s built-in backup allows you super speed for your protection: less than one minute on average to complete a local backup or restore of a 1 TB VM.
  • HyperSimple: The HPE SimpliVity user interface is fully integrated with the VMware vCenter Server. From a single console, you just need three clicks to back up, restore, move, or clone a VM.
  • HyperManageable: Create or update backup policies for thousands of VMs across dozens of sites in less than a minute on average using the HPE SimpliVity user interface in a central location.
  • HyperAvailable: Add or replace HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged systems without any downtime for local or remote sites, any disruption to local or remote HPE SimpliVity backups, any reconfiguration of HPE SimpliVity and backup policies for local or remote sites and without the need to re-enter any IP addresses in remote sites.

All this without separate contracts and any gimmicks – and HPE SimpliVity can also reduce your operational costs. Find out how much you can save with HPE SimpliVity using the TCO calculator at www.nttict.com/hpe-simplivity/#TCOCalculator.

You can read my previous blog to know more about how HPE SimpliVity provides storage reduction.

Lastly, I invite you to discuss with an NTT ICT expert how HPE SimpliVity can help you increase your IT operational agility. Contact us here.

 Download the hyperguarantee infographic

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Added 19 June 2018

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