Why Composable Infrastructure and Why HPE?

There’s no better time to move to Composable Infrastructure with the platform HPE Synergy. HPE has built Composable Infrastructure to bridge traditional and new IT, and will provide you with the agility, speed, and near-continuous delivery that are needed for today’s applications.

Here are five reasons to move to Composable Infrastructure with HPE:

1. Work at the speed of Cloud

Traditional infrastructure simply cannot create the new generation of cloud-native and mobile applications quickly enough. Composable Infrastructure enables DevOps teams to spin up new services in minutes with a single line of code to abstract every element of infrastructure.

2. Reduce data centre complexity and cost

Composable Infrastructure bridges the gap between the traditional infrastructure required to maintain traditional operations and hybrid environments, optimised for applications and service, that mix public and private cloud in order to increase efficiency. Having just the one infrastructure for two IT environments reduces data centre complexity and cost.

The technology can be deployed incrementally, side-by-side with existing resources. This gives organisations the flexibility to deploy it as part of standard refresh cycles – and to grow as the business grows.

3. Automatic and frictionless

Composable Infrastructure is able to pool compute, storage, and fabric resources, and then reassemble (or compose) them as needed. This software intelligence allows organisations to automatically connect, aggregate and control infrastructure resources to deliver template-driven provisioning, automatic integration and frictionless operations. Tedious operations such as updating firmware are automatically implemented via templates, significantly reducing manual interaction and human error.

4. Operational efficiency

Composable Infrastructure removes the need to set up separate environments for different types of applications, and it enables organisations to automate the provisioning process. This results in operational practices becoming much more e­fficient. Through the unified API, infrastructure applications can be provisioned in minutes instead of days, giving your organisation true cloud efficiencies.

5. Fluid IT

Composable Infrastructure allows DevOps to request exactly the compute, storage and network fabric they need, in the same way as virtual and public-cloud resources. Integration with tools like Chef, Ansible and Puppet enables IT to provision and deploy virtual and bare-metal resources by leveraging Infrastructure as Code.  The result is that infrastructure and application can be provisioned together in a single action – fluidly – because infrastructure becomes code through the unified API.

Still not convinced? Composable Infrastructure enables organisations to bridge the performance and control of dedicated infrastructure with the benefits and flexibility of the Cloud. This results in a key competitive advantage for any company that must adapt to the changing market demands. With Composable Infrastructure, IT can break free from the ordinary and accelerate the extraordinary to become a value creation partner for the entire enterprise.

HPE Synergy

HPE Synergy is the first platform built for Composable Infrastructure to empower IT to create and deliver value on demand. HPE Synergy has been designed from the ground up to deliver ‘Infrastructure as Code’ out of the box – and with full support for mixed physical, virtual and containerised workloads. With the introduction of HPE Synergy, HPE has made a massive step forward towards the Software-Defined Data Centre the industry demands.

Get in contact with an NTT ICT expert to understand how Composable Infrastructure and HPE Synergy can lower your operational costs in traditional environments while simultaneously increasing your operational agility. Or ask us any other questions you have about this exciting new technology. 

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Author Name: Orlando Garcia

Orlando Garcia is a HPE Solutions Consultant at NTT Communications ICT Solutions. He is a HPE technology evangelist who supports NTT ICT's HPE business by establishing mission critical platforms, or introducing HPE's next generation technologies for customers.

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