Use HPE SimpliVity 380 to protect your organisation from ransomware attacks

What is ransomware and why are you at risk of it? Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you probably know that ransomware is one of today’s trending topics. Ransomware is a new kind of malware. It has in recent years become more prevalent. Its main goal is to infect an IT system upon which it encrypts all the data it can and then holds it – for ransom!

It’s frightening but any business, consumer or individual can be a victim of ransomware. Cybercriminals aren’t choosy! They want  to attack as many users as possible; this way they can get the highest profit. But it makes more sense to attack large organisations because they will be more likely to pay the ransom. It’s also because the data from larger businesses that they manage to get and hold captive is usually sensitive. It may even be essential for the business’s continuity. And at this level of operation, it could cost more to restore backups than to give in and pay the ransom.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre reported that the top cybercrime challenge in 2017 was ransomware. The attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated. It’s even been reported that data was not always unlocked even after targets paid the ransom.1 Now, new models of franchising, called Ransomware-as-a-Service, are providing opportunities to more cybercriminals, even those that have technical capabilities that are limited. So, ransomware attacks are expected to increase.

How to protect your business against ransomware

It’s important to have security strategies to prevent attacks. A common, recommended mitigation measure is ransomware detection. However, attacks are evolving so fast that much of the software for malware detection is having a hard time keeping up with all the new – and the more sophisticated – attacks.

Because most of the infections come because of faulty behaviour from users, education and training are paramount. Teach your employees to not click on dangerous links and files in their emails, to not download unknown files, and to be on the lookout for scams, phishing emails and hazardous websites, perhaps because something is not quite right, whether it’s a spelling error or a strange email address syntax.

Also crucial: secure your environment properly! Unauthorised users should not have access to systems and data that they are not authorised or need to use.

How HPE SimpliVity 380 can help Protect your data

So now you know: ransomware attacks are more and more likely to occur – and eventually, one or more is going to be successful. It’s just a matter of time. So, as part of your security strategy, you should plan for a worst case scenario.

The solution? A solid and reliable data protection solution is the safest way to minimise the impact of a ransomware attack. It needs to give you the ability to restore services ASAP and to get your business recovered and restored and on its feet with minimal loss of data.

This is where HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 is a shining example of the best data protection solution. HPE SimpliVity will help organisations quickly recover from ransomware attacks with its built-in data protection functionality that speeds up operations for data backup and restoration. HPE’s solution reduces your organisation’s equipment and operations expenses and complexity. How? It eliminates special-purpose data backup and recovery tools. And it can slash recovery point objectives (RPOs) from hours or even days to only minutes. This allows organisations to define SLAs around not losing data in case of outage or malware attacks.

In the meantime, HPE SimpliVity enables IT systems to do more frequent backups for data protection that is nearly continuous with longer retention periods and faster recovery time. And with its hyperconverged built-in data protection capability, HPE SimpliVity guarantees being able to complete a local backup or restore a 1TB Virtual Machine within just a minute or less. So, if a ransomware attack has been successful and you are infected, a virtual machine and all its data can be restored easily and quickly, which minimises system downtime, business disruptions and the loss of revenue.

So, get in contact with an NTT ICT expert to learn more about how HPE SimpliVity defeats ransomware with built-in data protection while at the same time increasing your business’s operational agility.

[1] Australian CyberSecurity Centre Threat Report 2017:

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