The importance of simplicity in hyperconverged infrastructure

Simplicity is an important advantage that is often overlooked in purchasing decisions, but it shouldn’t be. While it might be hard to quantify, simplicity should carry some weight in your decision-making processes. All my customers agree in the importance of a solution which is easy to manage.

Simplicity is one of the many advantages that HPE SimpliVity solutions have over three-tier architectures and other hyperconverged solutions.

Even though most vendors say their products are easy to use and manage, you should still analyse simplicity in terms of the total cost of ownership of a new investment and include it in your cost/benefits analysis.

One way to quantify the ease of use of a product is to look at what your system administrators require to operate the environment. Do they need to read a manual? Take time to attend a training? Or even achieve a certification before they can use the solution?

If you face any or all of these situations, it means more effort and more dollars. And not only it is an additional investment but it’s also an additional risk since administrators will inevitably go through a learning curve while they master the daily tasks of operations.

HPE SimpliVity is simple

Another way that HPE SimpliVity shines and is proof our simplicity is in our demos.

Let’s make the comparison of when you’re buying a new car. First of all, you’re going to take it for a test drive, right?

You’ve got a driver’s licence and so who made the car doesn’t matter. You might never have driven that model of car before, or a car by this maker, but you can drive it anyways. Shouldn’t it be just as simple to operate the technology that’s crucial to your enterprise?

If you have sat through other product demos, it’s likely that for the entire session, you watched the screen while the vendor was presenting. With HPE SimpliVity and NTT, you are invited to take the driver seat. You can run the demo yourself and discover how easy it is to use.

You can put your system administrator in front of the system and then measure how long it takes them to figure it out. If they already have experience using VMware, HPE SimpliVity will be just as easy to pick up and use, because it uses the same vSphere Web Client interface. These administrators are likely to not need any training at all.

Interface familiarity is important

After you buy a brand spanking new car, you should just be able to drive off and enjoy yourself. You shouldn’t need to do a training course to learn how to work the pedals, the steering wheel or the stereo. It should come naturally because you already know how they work.

In the same way, HPE SimpliVity will allow you and your team to make use of previously acquired skills and training to manage the platform. This is because HPE SimpliVity provides an intuitive user interface design, which will already be familiar to system administrators.

Another situation that is particularly important to have an easy-to-use platform is if you have an environment that is static, where system administrators can go for weeks or months without adding new VMs or making changes. If system administrators don’t interact with the platform for extended periods of time, they will likely not recall every aspect of how the infrastructure works. When they do need to interact with it again, and make changes, the ease of use of a platform will be essential and valuable.

A last benefit is that if you have a large team that is dedicated to managing infrastructure, HPE SimpliVity can help you be more agile. Don’t have them spend long hours just keeping the system running. It would be far more valuable to your business for them to use their time on business-critical or forward-looking, innovative projects.

And finally, the bottom line is that while ease of use can be a difficult thing to quantify, it really is an important consideration in terms of your total costs of a new deployment.

Simplicity is a real-world consideration.

Make it your business to integrate this into your purchasing decisions for your data centre – for every investment you make.

How much can ease of use save you with HPE SimpliVity? Find out at or get in touch with an NTT ICT expert to learn more.

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