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Ensuring a plentiful supply of robust inter-office bandwidth has long been a struggle for network administrators. As digital transformation initiatives position cloud platforms as a critical part of the enterprise network, however, that requirement has become even sharper – and network redundancy even more critical.

How SD-WAN can build an application-aware network

Network infrastructure has always been good at moving around bytes of data, but it hasn’t been so good at understanding what that data constitutes.

How to improve your network visibility with SD-WAN

Cloud-driven digital transformation is reshaping the way that enterprise networks are built and operated. However, as networks become increasingly distributed, tracking the flow of data around the extended enterprise has become harder than ever – and network visibility has suffered as a result.

Improve your network security with SD-WAN

Ubiquitous use of virtual private network (VPN) services, whether managed internally or through a third party, provides a level of WAN encryption but also poses security challenges for companies eager to streamline the process. Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) services offer a long-overdue step forward by integrating encryption, network resilience, an...

How SD-WAN can secure your cloud adoption

Companies have had to find a way to bridge the gap to cloud services by extending their existing controls to a third-party platform that operates by different rules, using different tools. And while cloud providers have responded by offering extensive application programming interface (API) hooks into their environments, next-generation tools are e...