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Why the wrong colocation strategy can compromise your cloud investment

  • 6 February 2018
  • Gareth Cleeves
  • Cloud Services
  • Managed Services
  • Data Centre

Cloud isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition – there are many options to consider such as whether to run core applications in-house, with a colocation provider, with a server host, or fully in the cloud. Finding the right combination of models depends on the unique characteristics of the business, as well as on your short-term and long-term growth goa...

Cloud’s earliest adopters were told - and sold - the benefits of shifting most of their workloads into a single cloud platform. But it is fair to say many enterprises now would be wary or uncomfortable with that degree of lock-in, not least because of the difficulties involved in moving everything in.

Deploying a multi-site Direct Connection solution traditionally involves multiple parties across the data centre, network and infrastructure. By leveraging flexible colocation offerings in Sydney and in Melbourne, combined with diverse inter-data centre network connectivity options, you can reap a range of benefits.

Cages physically separate a company’s servers from others in the data centre, and allow companies to add other equipment, such as a desk to support onsite workers. Yet cages aren’t for everybody: despite their strength, data cages take up large amounts of precious data centre real estate.

You already know colocation is a great way to save yourself the headaches of providing top-tier communications, cooling, power conditioning and the other things that a modern data centre needs. But what do you do when you need to reroute a network cable, physically restart a server or hot-swap a failed hard drive?