Selective Outsourcing – Why you NEED it!!!

Selective Outsourcing Image smallWe may or may not believe that Cloud is the future for everything in enterprise IT, however I believe the core strength for solutions lies in “Hybrid/Selectively Outsourced Solutions”. This involves selectively and strategically outsourced IT services as per bespoke needs of customer over time. Cloud can certainly take the biggest chunk of the pie in our future, however Colocation, Managed Services as well as In-House systems/skills will play a critical role in the end-to-end solution.

10 years ago the market was sceptical of outsourcing their data centre. To be more competitive, IT departments have had to become more agile and faced with resource and budget constraints many have chosen to outsource non-core functions that’s where “selective outsourcing” found its feet. With the evolution of customers and solutions, both colocation and managed services started becoming widely acceptable and customers became more confident handing their systems to a trusted partner like NTT ICT.

Now that “The Cloud” is here customers have a different agenda. Our customers are working with us to peruse their outsourcing journey – which often started with colocation services, evolved into managed services and eventually customers would like to have a solution where they can selectively outsource non-core components to their trusted partner and leverage internal or external resources for anything else.

For example, one of my client who started with us with colocation then gradually “selectively outsourced” full stack of managed services (managed network tier, security tier, storage, backup and computer). They worked with us to select the systems they wanted to keep in-house. Currently they have selectively chosen some of our services like:

  1. Our data centre colocation to ensure the security and uptime of mission-critical applications and hosting of their proprietary information
  2. Use our network to connect PROD-DR,
  3. Use NTT ICT’s networking skills to manage their network and security
  4. Use of storage and backup on an “as-a-service” commercial model
  5. Monitoring of their WinTel environments.
  6. Procurement of IT hardware, software and vendor service management
  7. They are now working with us to help them upgrade from 10G to 40G network and then peruse a cloud services journey – all with NTT ICT.

Our customers want to make decisions to support their organisation’s IT strategy, but at the same time retain the flexibility to change and evolve as business demands shift. Are you the same?

Make sure you ask your IT service provider how they have helped other customers evolve with their changing requirements. Ask them if they can offer the flexibility you need to support your ever evolving journey to ‘The Cloud’.

NTT ICT is proud to offer its services on a selective outsourcing model, and unlike traditional service providers we do not try to “bundle” services or “push products” to please our stake holders.

Our experts are available to meet with you and help you on your journey to “Selective Outsourcing”. If you’d like to learn more, please contact me at

Added 4 December 2014

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