SD-WAN makes setting up a remote office as easy as 1-2-3

With branch offices spread across capital cities and regional centres, running a distributed business can be an exercise in complex, expensive logistics. Because IT staff tend to be centralised in head office or key locations, dispatching them to remote offices becomes a significant burden.

There are flight costs, accommodation costs, the cost of downtime while the branch office is waiting to be connected or to have new equipment installed and configured. And don’t forget the extra burden on the remaining IT staff while the technician in question is away from the rest of the IT team.

A growing number of distributed businesses are realising that software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) services offer a better alternative by simplifying the process of installing new network equipment in remote offices.

Rather than employing expensive remote support staff, relying on outside parties to do technical support or sending staff from head office, simplicity of management means that each new device can be set up by any staff member who can plug a new router, for example, into mains power and plug in an Ethernet cable.

Once a device is registered to an SD-WAN service, it will automatically connect itself and be configured over the Internet – no matter where it is plugged in. Configuration settings are transferred and applied, with security policies flowing to the remote network and software updates automatically applied to the device at the same time as other devices on the network. This is what is known as zero-touch provisioning.

Using SD-WAN technologies, companies can completely change the conversation around administering remote networks. This can be a lifesaver not only in managing business expansion, but in facilitating major business change such as a merger or acquisition – when the deployment of new network equipment can quickly connect a remote office into the enterprise network fabric.

By calling on a managed SD-WAN service provider, businesses can free themselves of the kind of ponderous administration and change management that has long complicated both business and technical transformation.

Business expansion or change can be planned without worrying about logistical details or increasing pressure on already-overworked staff. Technical directions can be set without getting caught up on lingering software incompatibilities or communications issues.

But with SD-WAN services also delivering capabilities such as stronger encryption and easier disaster-recovery capabilities, the simple act of improving remote-office setup is only one of many benefits that the technology can deliver.

Such services finally make IT managers’ ultimate goal – establishing and enforcing network management policies consistently from one side of the network, regardless of platform or network topology – achievable. And it all starts with a commitment to putting SD-WAN capabilities at the core of your future network state. Talk to us to arrange a demo to see how SD-WAN can help your organisation.

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Andoni Salvador
Author Name: Andoni Salvador

Andoni Salvador is a Network Solutions Architect at NTT Communications ICT Solutions (NTT ICT) with over 14 years’ experience in the IT industry. He thrives on working closely with customers to understand their business requirements and technology environment, then designing a robust network solution that is fit for purpose.

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Added 3 May 2018

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