Leveraging AWS Direct Connect for Geographic Diversity, Recoverability, and More

More and more businesses are moving critical ICT systems to the cloud. This has its advantages but removes direct control from the business. So the importance of fault-tolerant design and recoverability is critical.

One way in which organisations achieve this in Amazon Web Services (AWS) is through leveraging AWS's Direct Connect functionality – a private network connection into the AWS Cloud with speed options ranging from 50Mbps up to 10Gbps. The AWS Direct Connect service is available in three locations in Australia: two in Sydney and one in Melbourne.

However, geographic diversity isn’t easy. Deploying a multi-site Direct Connection solution traditionally involves multiple parties across the data centre, network and infrastructure. By leveraging flexible colocation offerings in Sydney and in Melbourne, combined with diverse inter-data centre network connectivity options, you can reap a range of benefits:

  • Deploy a Multi-AZ cloud environment with multiple AWS Direct Connect services into truly diverse locations
  • Eliminate single points of failure
  • Get the ability to recover your critical data when required.

As an example (see Figure 1 below), think of a solution where you have an Oracle Database appliance back end that is connected to an AWS front end. Even if you have a Multi-AZ front end, where you have a single AWS Direct Connect service, you still have a single point of failure: the appliance hosted in the data centre. In the event of a data centre failure, you will be down as long as the data centre is down.

 multi az front end single db backend


By working with NTT ICT to manage your AWS Direct Connect services, you can add a second AWS Direct Connect into a geographically diverse data centre, and hence leverage NTT network services between data centres. In this example of database replication between database appliances (see Figure 2 below), you can remove the single point of failure and recover your environment at the alternate site. This removes that single point of failure located in a single data centre.

backend dc to recover failure


NTT ICT is an AWS Technology Partner, and is able to provide data centre colocation and AWS Direct Connect services in the Sydney Global Switch and Melbourne NEXTDC M1 AWS Direct Connect locations in Australia.

What’s more, NTT ICT has a broad range of complementary data centre, networking and infrastructure services that are available to ease your transition to a highly available AWS Direct Connect solution.

Don't wait until you experience downtime for your critical online systems! Contact us now to find a solution to keep your business online when the lights go out.

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Author Name: Matthew Allen

Matthew Allen is Director of Product Development at NTT Communications in Australia. Matthew is responsible for defining the local product roadmap and strategy for NTT, encompassing data centres, networks and cloud services.

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Added 20 October 2017

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