Cloudtel’s experience with NTT ICT and Global Switch Sydney

Cloudtel is a trusted IT and telecommunications service provider offering business number trunking and customised communications solutions. In order to provide their customers the flexibility to connect to any telco they wanted and provide responsive customer service, Cloudtel’s co-founder, Matthew Price, chose NTT ICT as their data centre service provider. Read on to find out how we’ve helped.

Why did you choose Global Switch?

Cloudtel prides ourselves on being able to provide reliable infrastructure with access to major domestic and international carriers. Having our critical infrastructure at Global Switch was a natural choice as they are a premier data centre with a vast portfolio of service providers that we can access.

Geographically, Global Switch is located close to our office which meant that we were able to access it easily and respond quickly to any customer service issues. It was very convenient for us.

What value was NTT ICT able to provide?

When we first decided to move into Global Switch, we realised that most telcos were not able to provide connections to other telcos for network connectivity. That was huge for us as our customers relied on us for the flexibility to connect to any telco they wanted at a reasonable cost. Then we found NTT ICT who is carrier neutral. It became very easy for us to use any telco we wanted. And because they had relationships with several telcos, NTT ICT is always able to help us with cross connects when required.

NTT ICT is also the only service provider with a Network Operations Centre in the facility which we could rely on for Remote Hands services. We knew Geoff and myself couldn’t always be there all the time so knowing that we can get round the clock support was very important.

How long have you been with NTT ICT and Global Switch?

We’ve been working together since 2008 – that’s over 8 years now. We were hosting our own gear prior to making the decision to go with NTT ICT. They’ve been happy to work with us and committed to helping us grow. Through the years, we had changing business requirements and the team at NTT ICT are always responsive and flexible. At one point, we had to re-contract under a different business entity through a re-branding exercise and NTT ICT was able to accommodate this change quite easily too.

Would you recommend Global Switch and NTT ICT to others?

Definitely. NTT ICT is always able to support, both technically and commercially, all of our requirements. We’ve renewed with NTT ICT multiple times over the last 8 years and as Cloudtel continues to grow, we’re now considering NTT ICT for other services beyond colocation.

About Cloudtel

Cloudtel is a trusted telecommunications and IT service provider offering business number trunking and customised communications solutions, including interactive voice systems, call recording, teleconferencing, SMS products and services. Our founders Geoff Maidens and Matthew Price have a combined experienced in the industry of more than 30 years. Our clients include VoIP wholesale carriers, business and residential services providers, calling card operators, international call forwarding and call back companies as well as government.

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Author Name: Matthew Price

Matt is one of the key founders of Cloudtel Pty Ltd. Before specialising in telecommunications, Matt was working in the finance industry delivering complex turn-key products to major retail and investment banks such as foreign exchange trading and options trading platforms. Matt has over 15 years’ experience in the communications industry.

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