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Malcolm Bailie, Principal Solution Consultant for ICS/SCADA, APAC, NTT Security

Malcolm has over 21 years’ practical experience in the ICS/SCADA industry, gaining his broad skill set from across the end to end OT environment in managing critical infrastructure assets. He has gathered his extensive OT environment knowledge from a wide range of areas in SCADA field devices, communications devices and the SCADA Master Station. The first 10 years of his career was working at Honeywell deploying Control Systems for building and industrial sites. After a career move into the utility sector, he successfully migrated the first Ausgrid SCADA system to the next platform as currently used by Ausgrid for control and monitoring of the electrical network for over 1.7 million customers. Also to note in his last role, Malcolm actively engaged with the Federal Government (OT-CERT) and other critical infrastructure companies from around Australia to work towards increasing the overall posture of cyber security for the country.

Malcolm has come onboard at NTT Security to provide ICS/SCADA MSS and consulting services to the APAC region and the broader company. Prior to NTT Security, Malcolm was the SCADA Operations Manager at Ausgrid for 11 years where he managed all aspects of the OT environment for both operational and project based activities.

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