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The Australian IT industry has experienced rapid growth with consumers shifting their IT workloads to “Public Cloud” providers. Not surprisingly, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a popular name in discussions about cloud service offerings.

Traditionally, the majority of my customers consume AWS services like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and many others, through IP Transit Service (Internet). Utilising AWS cloud services through the Internet is usually sufficient for small scale pilot projects. However, as their footprint with AWS grows, having a more reliable connectivity to AWS services is often overlooked. While using the Internet is still an option, it does come with direct and indirect costs like bandwidth, transit cost imposed by AWS, etc.

A simple solution to this problem is “AWS Direct Connect”. AWS Direct Connect is a network service that provides an alternative to using the Internet to utilise AWS cloud services. By using AWS Direct Connect, data that would have previously been transported over the Internet can now be delivered through a private network connection between AWS and our customer’s in-house workloads sitting in our Data Centres. Private connectivity between AWS and the customer’s IT environment can help reduce network costs, increase bandwidth throughput and provide a more consistent network experience than traditional Internet-based connections.

An interesting trend that I have noticed over the last 12-18 months is new start-ups acting as “middlemen” between AWS and their customers by offering custom solutions around orchestration and security. By utilising our unique presence in Global Switch Data Centre in Sydney, I’ve successfully helped these start-ups setup their bespoke platform in our data centre to leverage the benefits of AWS Direct Connect for their customers.

A new type of customer whom I’ve started working actively with over last 6 months, is established large organisations who have just got serious about using AWS. They are typically organisations with an on-premise data centre, a “comms room,” or interestingly, have a presence in the same data centre as NTT ICT. However, in the case of the latter, their current service provider does not allow access to AWS Direct Connect. These organisations have now been working with us to help them setup a small presence in our data centre which then acts as an interim layer between their on-premise environment and AWS, allowing them to access AWS more effectively.

This is just one of the benefits of working with a carrier neutral service provider like NTT ICT. If you’d like to find out more about AWS Direct Connect and how you can utilise that service in our data centres, check it out here or email us at

Added 2 August 2016

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