The rise of multi-cloud

The rise of multi-cloud architectures has accelerated in recent years as digital transformation (DX) pressures drive organisations’ maturity from early experiments with cloud services and applications, into robust and systematic users of cloud and related private-cloud architectures.

Your next security specialist will be an algorithm

  • 18 December 2018
  • IT Security
  • IT Infrastructure

Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence are already transforming the practice of securing networks – and smart businesses are realising that an effective ML algorithm may be the only thing between a cybercriminal and your most valuable corporate secrets.

Cybersecurity threats are steadily intensifying, with often severe financial and reputational consequences, and it has never been more important to understand your network and threat environment. This is why data analytics has become so closely interwoven with contemporary threat-detection solutions – and why an effective cybersecurity defence rel...

With cloud services exploding, however, those same businesses are finding that embracing a hybrid IT environment allows them to maintain their existing systems while tapping into revolutionary new collaboration, customisation, and delivery capabilities.