7 things to look for when picking a infrastructure reseller


Having the right reseller can save you time and significant costs for your IT projects.
We’ve seen customers who don’t have the right infrastructure partner face issues such as:

  • Purchasing equipment that doesn't fit with their existing infrastructure
  • Buying infrastructure that only suits their short-term goals but becomes obsolete
  • Paying too much
  • Delivery timeframes being extended and blowing out which can delay projects significantly and impact business outcomes
  • Affect the businesses perception of IT’s ability to deliver a project on time/ within budget

It’s important to find a reseller partner that can be flexible enough to provide the right solution for your companies needs now and in the future.
What should you look for?

There are a number thing things you should look for in a quality reseller. These include: 

1) Financial stability

Is your reseller going to be around for the long haul? Do they have the financial backing to ensure that they will support you through the project completion and with the maintenance you require and also be around to advise on your next project.

2) Procurement flexibility

In a world where cloud or as-a-service offerings become the preferred procurement option, it is crucial that a reseller can offer different financial models to support initiatives such as Infrastructure as a Service, rental of infrastructure, differed payments, financing, leasing, creative OPEX, or straight CAPEX.

3) Multivendor capability

Does the reseller have good relationships and certifications and the buying power with multiple vendors? Very few solutions are one-size-fits-all. Can your reseller leverage its relationships and buying power from multiple vendors to provide you with a purpose built solution for your business?

4) Certifications

Vendor Certifications don’t just show you the reseller’s level of expertise in the technology – it’s also a good way to gauge:

  • Level of relationship with the vendor, some of the higher-end certifications require a lot of interaction and co-operation.
  • Level of discounts that can be obtained, for some vendors the higher the level of partnership the more discount that can be given.

5) Can Your Reseller Handle the Business and Technical Complexity?

Does the reseller truly understand your businesses objectives and outcomes to have the ability to build and implement a fit for purpose solution? Does the reseller actually have the experience of implementing projects similar to yours? Do they have a proven track record of designing and implementing your required solution and can they provide industry references to back up their claims. Remembering the cost of getting the fundamentals wrong is significant, it isn’t simply a matter of rip and replace it’s also, potentially, hundreds of hours of lost productivity and business outcomes.  

6) Support

Can the reseller:

  • Provide a level of support across multiple products that keeps your IT department up and running if something goes wrong?
  • Be the one point of contact that you can rely on to keep track of all products and ensure they are maintained with back-to-back vendor agreements?
  • Manage procurement contracts from multiple vendors
  • Ensure maintenance support for IT assets
  • Leverage the multiple relationships with vendors to supply the one stop shop approach by managing multiple vendors contracts through one point of contact, removing the need to deal with multiple parties? This will save you time and potentially money.

7) Help! We Need More IT Resources!

As companies grow, their operations become more complex. More is required from less in todays world, can your partner provide assistance in filling those gaps with resources, skills, expertise and be flexible when you need them to? Are they a true partner who will always attempt to support your business?  

Please comment on what you look for when it comes to finding a reseller.

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Author Name: Julie Barbieri

Julie is the General Manager of Infrastructure at NTT Communications ICT Solutions. She is an experienced manger with 30 years in the IT Industry.  Starting her career as a Field Service Engineer, moving into Sales, Sales Management before taking on the role of a Business Unit Manager.

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Added 9 December 2014

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