5 Benefits of Using Archive as a Service

Image of Archive as a Service | NTT ICTIf your organisation is faced with ongoing demands on storage with burgeoning data growth, you will appreciate the size of effort and expenditure associated with meeting these demands. When historical data must be retained in order to comply with regulations, it sometimes seems that your only solution is to take a deep breath, set aside a big budget, buy more storage and hope that your systems will meet all the legal requirements.

However, data archival in the cloud or Archive as a Service can meet all of your requirements, and assist with lowering cost with a flexible consume only what you need model.
1. Reduce cost. Archive as a Service benefits from the same financial model as other cloud services. Instead of funding in-house archival storage with significant capital outlay, technical knowledge and build out, you receive the same capacity for a smaller monthly fee with elasticity and scalability built-in.

2. Future Proof. Archive storage is a long-term affair. You can expect multiple hardware upgrades during the lifetime of different data. A cloud provider frees you from this renewal cycle, and takes care of maintenance contracts and personnel turnover too.

3. Centralised management. Instead of a fragmented in-house approach leading to data silos, Archive as a Service lets you manage all of your enterprise archives in one place. You protect all of your data against deletion or tampering too, whether accidental or deliberate.

4. Regulatory compliance. Policy-defined architectures as part of Archive as a Service help organisations meet the myriad of regulations on data retention. Specific requirements for sectors such as healthcare and finance can be configured accordingly.

5. Search and e-discovery. Data searches can be done across the whole of the data of an organisation. This includes any legal requirements to comply with e-discovery and sharing of data.
Specific archival solutions for email and databases are also available.

Combining Archive as a Service with cloud services for automated backup multiplies the advantages. Archive as a Service will also work as a supplement to what you have today or provide a base for migration over time.

Find out more today about the advantages of Archive as a Service and Managed Services for your organisation.

Added 11 June 2014

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