Simplicity is an important advantage that is often overlooked in purchasing decisions, but it shouldn’t be. While it might be hard to quantify, simplicity should carry some weight in your decision-making processes. All my customers agree on the importance of a solution which is easy to manage.

You don’t need to know what a product on a single occasion has as its best performance. You need to know what kind of performance you’re likely to get on an average basis when you use it. What this means is if a vendor makes a guarantee, you know that you’ll get at least what they promise.

Is it time to make the transition to hyperconvergence, or should you just stick with the same external disk arrays you’ve been using? Here's what you need to consider.

Ensuring a plentiful supply of robust inter-office bandwidth has long been a struggle for network administrators. As digital transformation initiatives position cloud platforms as a critical part of the enterprise network, however, that requirement has become even sharper – and network redundancy even more critical.

How SD-WAN can build an application-aware network

Network infrastructure has always been good at moving around bytes of data, but it hasn’t been so good at understanding what that data constitutes.