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Building on more than a decade of operational history and expertise in Australia, our SOC is one of a global network of 10 centres operated and managed by NTT Security, the specialised security company and centre of excellence in security for NTT Group.

Cybersecurity is fast becoming more intelligence-driven and as the threat landscape continues to expand and change; so does our response to combat cybercrime. We have upgraded our SOC with new advanced capabilities in the areas of automation, machine learning, monitoring and response. This is enhanced with an increase of in-country and globally based security experts, with access to some of the best threat intelligence available in the industry. Through our global network of SOCs, we analyse more than 6.1 trillion logs per annum; monitor, manage and secure over 165,000 devices; and defend over 150 million attacks annually for more than 10,000 clients worldwide.

We hope you are able to join us, together with Mr Katsumi Nakata, CEO of NTT Security, for the official launch of our enhanced SOC, followed by dinner.


 Date: Wednesday, 20th February 2019

Time: 3-5:30pm, followed by dinner

Address: NTT Security SOC, Level 3, 141 Walker St, North Sydney NSW 2060


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