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NTT Group is a global technology company working with over 10,000 clients to enable digital transformation. We know that the future belongs to the hybrid enterprise, one that can embrace diversity and choice without driving up complexity, cost, time or risk.

At NTT we think differently about tech solutions. We always have and always will. Where others see problems, we see possibilities.

That’s why we’re the #NewTechThinkers. We’re the ones who never settle, we’re never satisfied with ‘good enough’. Ingenious and inquisitive, we always seek the intelligent choice. Driving a new understanding of where technology can take us is our goal.

Let’s explore the future together.

A New Way

We pride ourselves on our technical capabilities. We’ve gained practical insight into the opportunities and pressures associated with effectively deploying and managing IT as we move from on-premises to Cloud delivery models - especially for Australian medium-sized enterprises.

The old approach to procuring, deploying and managing business technology is no longer sustainable. Binary sourcing strategies, renting bigger pipes, short-sighted focus on procurement costs and a DIY mentality to cybersecurity and compliance will not help businesses realise the possibilities of hybrid cloud. In reality, they often make things worse.


1. Stop thinking about Cloud first and instead learn to love your legacy. It’s here and it’s probably going to continue to deliver value for many years to come. If you can only figure out how to free up the resources required to run it and enable your staff to focus on bringing innovative new capabilities into the business... Of course, do all this without driving up costs faster than revenues.

2. Realise that in the world of mobile and hybrid cloud, you’re only as good as your network. Bigger pipes don’t always mean better performance. Before moving to cloud apps, you need a solid foundation of carrier grade local and wide area networking that’s ready for business. With a rock solid network in place, you’ll be ready to exploit the power of the cloud with confidence.

3. Recognise that you can’t outsource cybersecurity and compliance accountability. In an ideal world, you’d build your own, but with security adversaries outspending corporations 4:1, it’s far wiser to invest your limited resources in a managed security service partner who can take a comprehensive approach to threat and compliance management. A partner that taps into their global network footprint to detect and eliminate threats at the source.

And that’s exactly what we do at NTT Communications. We design, deliver and manage;

  • Carrier grade network for a connected world
  • Hybrid IT performance optimisation
  • Compliance and security for networks and servers

As technology becomes cheaper to procure, it’s the ongoing integration and management costs that will have the biggest impact on shrinking budgets over time. We’re committed to offering;


Wherever possible, we offer reporting and management portals to give you back the control you need to match the accountability you have. Just because a service isn’t in your data centre it shouldn’t mean that you can’t peer inside it or even fine-tune its delivery parameters if required.


As one of the nation’s independent hybrid cloud integrators we identify the world’s best technology providers and then go deep by investing in technology certifications and pre-packaged building block architectures that reduce integration risk and accelerate time to value.


As the price of technology drops and services stick around for longer, the only way we’ll get costs under control is to tackle the management costs and the only way to do that is to automate everything possible.


We are committed to ensuring that we’re investing in and growing world class technology skills here in Australia, not just because it’s good for your business but because it’s good for the nation as a whole. Good people are hard to find and great people are almost impossible. That’s another reason why automation is so important to us. It helps us scale our great people so that they can help more of our customers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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