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Reduce cost, increase agility and achieve compliance with NTT ICT’s Cloud Solutions

Government organisations face the challenges of exponentially growing demands on ICT resources with limited budgets, increasingly demanding compliance requirements and significant consequences for non-compliance.

NTT ICT understands the Federal Government’s Cloud First Policy, encouraging you to leverage industry to assist with innovation and increased flexibility in ICT capability. However, balancing this with stringent ISM security policies represents significant challenges to adopt and leverage this policy.

That’s why NTT ICT has tailor-made a Managed Cloud Solution for Government to produce flexible, compliant and secure outcomes that meet your policy, compliance and commercial challenges as a Government agency adopting Cloud services. Not only that, this new suite of Cloud services will assist you to reduce costs without comprising the level of service. By working with NTT ICT you will receive the best of both worlds: local knowledge through our Canberra-based business unit, backed up with the expertise and resources of our global group.

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A suite of tailored managed Cloud services for government agencies to reduce cost and ensure compliance

NTT ICT’s Archive as a Service is a flexible and secure Cloud-based solution, tailored specifically for government agencies and powered by CommVault. For more information go to NTT ICT Archive as a Service.



Low-cost off-site storage to free up your priority resources


A self-service portal with indexed archive data for regulatory compliance


Secure integration into your existing systems


Allows your in-house database administrators to focus on other key tasks

NTT ICT’s Database Management as a Service can take the pressure off your existing team by eliminating time-consuming infrastructure management tasks. For more information go to NTT ICT Database Management as a Service.


Around the Clock MonitoringAround the Clock

Benefit from 24 x 365 monitoring

Priority 1 incident mangagementPriority

Priority 1 incident management

Eliminate time consuing tasksEliminates Time-consuming Tasks

Frees up time for your in-house database administrators

Database MigrationDatabase Migration

Database migration and transformation services

NTT ICT’s Backup as a Service addresses any number of your agency’s requirements. Whether you need offline copies of data for DR & BCP purposes or to demonstrate regulatory compliance, our managed services are enterprise-grade. They’re designed to ensure data is copied to a remote location in a secure fashion, and is stored in a way that meets all your security and compliance requirements. For more information go to NTT ICT Backup as a Service.


Great ValueValue

Low cost off-site storage to free up priority resources

Configurable rotation and retention policiesFlexible

Configurable rotation and retention policies

NTT ICT’s Storage as a Service addresses the demand for storage in a government-approved facility. As an on-demand service option, it removes your burden of upfront infrastructure cost – and also allows you to pay as you go AND pay as you grow, ensuring value and cost-effectiveness. For more information go to NTT ICT Storage as a Service.


Cost efficient off-site storageValue

Cost efficient off-site storage to free up priority resources or provide additional capabilities

Availability of tiered storage optionsFlexible

Availability of tiered storage options

NTT ICT’s Infrastructure as a Service means we design, build and operate a Private Cloud Service as a solution to your needs and requirements, providing you with the highest level of availability and security with all services housed in government-approved data centres. For more information go to NTT ICT Infrastructure as a Service.


Secure and FlexibleSecure & Flexible

A range of security solutions including penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and intrusion detection and prevention

Dedicated infrastructure Dedicated

Dedicated infrastructure on a range of technology platforms

NTT ICT Professional Services can provide you with expert and objective advice to assist you with cloud adoption and security services. We can support you to maintain, improve or overhaul your IT infrastructure, while ensuring that it is providing you with the best solution and competitive edge for your business performance. For more information go to NTT ICT Professional Services.


Risk MinimisationRisk Minimisation

Provide peace of mind with Governance and Risk

Expert AdviseExpert Advise

Provide structured methodology through the assessment, design, implementation and review process to achieve your objectives


Helping to gain a clear understanding of your business needs

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