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Why Managed Azure?

Managed Azure enables you to work faster with lower delivery risk, security risk and costs.

NTT have a unique combination of control, transparency and local experience. Underpinned by a long term investment in software driven and defined infrastructure. For organisations that are transforming their operations by moving to Azure: we design, procure, build and operate IaaS and PaaS tailored to your specific requirements. NTT Managed Azure enables you to deliver IT faster, with lower delivery and security risk at optimal cost. 

Why Automation for Azure Cloud? Defined.
NTT built its business on automation and a software-defined vision to meet business requirements

Operational benefits

  • Pre-automated IT activities can be delivered in minutes
  • Remove repetitive, manual tasks that drive team costs

  • Deploy pre-proven error-free configurations every time

  • Deploy and modify resource with compliant configuration
  • Remove mundane operational tasks to create a better work experience

   Business benefits

  • Deliver new business functions in time to meet business demand
  • Reduce life cycle costs and free up resource for transformation
  • Reduce customer and user impacting incidents and optimise performance
  • More easily meet compliance and reduce risk of introducing vulnerabilities
  • Attract and retain IT talent to drive real business transformation

Connecting Azure to Your Enterprise.
Operating in the cloud means connectivity is critical


Augmenting your capability.
The fastest path to a stronger security posture in Azure

Secure by Design

  • Mature automation framework allows infrastructure to be deployed securely the first time
  • OS hardening enforced through code

Threat Management

  • Security incident and event management
  • Log management and monitoring 
  • Threat intelligence from the NTT Global Internet Network 
  • 24 x 365 Security operations centre
  • DDoS mitigation 
  • Web application firewall

Vulnerability Management

  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • Tailored patch management
  • Network / Host intrusion detection and prevention

Data Sovereignty

  • Options for 100% onshore delivery
  • Able to host in any Australian Azure region, including DR

We chose Azure as a supported platform because it best meets your needs

As a specialist service provider, NTT provides significant value and risk reduction for its clients

Deliver IT faster

  • Leverage pre-built automation components to accelerate outcomes

Reduce risk of failure

  • Access the experience of technology specialists best practice to improve user experience

Enhance security posture

  • A secure by design approach coupled with security as a service capability

Reduce TCO

  • Benefit from our economy of scope and scale

Focus on your core business

  • Avoid high volume lifecycle management tasks to re-focus on your core business

Optimise incentives

  • Enjoy the benefits of an SLA aligned to your organisations objectives


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