What We Do

Deliver Support.

Experience the NTT ICT difference. You’ll receive quality and trustworthy support throughout the entire lifecycle of the IT solutions you’ve chosen. Many companies offer support after an IT solution has been deployed. They do a handover between the project delivery team and the operational team before support begins.

At NTT ICT, we did away with this approach five years ago. Instead, we ensure that the same engineers are involved throughout the entire process – from design to operation and to the ongoing evolution of your solution according to your growth and requirements. It means we have a deep knowledge and understanding of your needs and requirements throughout the course of our relationship. There won’t be problems or missing pieces from handovers. There won’t be internal briefings and trainings as we go along.  

What we do, at every stage of our work together, is to take into account the ways we support and maintain your infrastructure. Not just break and fix, and deliver a monthly report. What we’re about is world-class support from start to finish, with your needs as paramount.