How We Do It

The way NTT ICT works is marked by quality, innovation and top-notch customer support – and underlying all of this, a commitment to continuous and constant improvement: so that our offering, support and guarantees to you are the best available, and get better all the time.

NTT ICT continually invests our support process, technology and resources to deliver an ever-improving support experience. Support is never good enough. We believe we can always do better. Even though we consider the quality of our support to be the best of our industry, we don’t stop there. If we did, we’d fall behind. Instead, we learn from our mistakes, we make changes so they never happen again, we review our processes and we invest in improvement.

We also invest heavily in technologies available to us as the world’s largest telecommunications company to provide our customers with the best possible support experience and then to improve it.

Finally, to guarantee the quality of our support, we make available to our customers top-quality resources throughout the customer support processes: ensuring our communication with customers is accessible, timely and detailed, and that we’re doing the right things at every point in time to fulfill your requirements.