Perform With Latest Technology

Businesses today cannot afford to be left behind. NTT ICT offers you a range of solutions to ensure you’re working with the latest technology and are at the top of your game. Whether leveraging the power of Big Data, migrating to Software as a Service or modernising your Solaris, work with NTT ICT to leverage our expertise and technology – and keep up to speed.

Big Data

Data is one of your company’s best assets, but are you using it to its best advantage? It could provide a huge advantage to your business.

Migrate to SaaS

Leverage our cloud-based licensing models to lower your costs while increasing your flexibility to choose the subscriptions and licenses that suit your needs.

Modernise your Solaris

Work with NTT ICT to navigate the tricky business of migrating applications from older, outdated Sparc platforms to the flexibility and functionality of the Cloud.


Find the solution you need:

Reduce IT expenditure

Adapt to rapid change

Fill IT skills gaps

Address security threats

Website Transaction Performance

Enable Global Expansion