Fill IT Skills Gaps

It’s risky, complex and resource-intensive to manage and support the core function of IT within businesses and across a sprawl of technology, while trying to keep costs down. Managing new technologies, 24x7 operations and rosters, increasing security risks, and compliance is a gargantuan task for any company, much less the work of attracting and retaining the right IT talent. 

But it’s not always possible nor is it desirable to cover all the skills needed to implement, manage and monitor today’s complex IT requirements within your organisation. That’s when NTT ICT comes in, providing outsourcing for selective IT services. You get the high-quality skills you need in a cost-effective manner without the burden of recruitment or training.

With selective outsourcing, NTT ICT will become a part of your IT team and provide the support and management you require, whether data centre infrastructure or operation maintenance, design and deployment, or monitoring and reporting.


Outsourcing selective skills and activities to NTT ICT allows you to:

  • Improve performance, reduce risk and free time to focus on your core business, without wasting precious resources managing infrastructure
  • Optimise your costs and save money by using a combination of in-house and external IT teams.
  • Feel safe and confident in expert hands: our best practice methods provide you with the lowest possible security risk; built-in compliance supports common governance and audit requirements; and our managed services are delivered within the ITIL framework, the most widely adopted approach for IT Service Management in the world.
  • Access service experts 24x7, 365 days of the year, to resolve incidents in the shortest possible time and ensure reliability.
  • Gain the flexibility and agility to access a team of experts when and where you need to deliver projects that are larger or more complex than your usual business.
  • With NTT ICT’s support, design the IT environment and infrastructure and operating systems that you need, then mix and match from five support tiers to pay only for what you use.


Find the solution you need:

Reduce IT expenditure

Perform with the latest technology

Adapt to rapid change

Address security threats

Website Transaction Performance

Enable Global Expansion