Fixed-line telephones are old school. Today’s businesses use IP telephony, email, instant messaging, video conferencing and more. But how do you manage the increased operational burdens and costs of this expansion of communication tools? Unified Communications (UC) will deliver communication using a single network and partner, integrating all types of your communication and offering them through the Cloud. Unified Communication as a service (UCaaS) leverages our cloud-based services to enable you to communicate when, where and how you want, effectively and cost-efficiently.

Choosing a Cloud-based, integrated workspace allows your business to run a high-quality, reliable service. It also makes it easier to respond to any technical or operational difficulties.


Our UCaaS service is engineered to deliver:

  • Increased business efficiency and productivity through unified real-time communications with no restrictions on time or place, under one secure network with standardised tools for each location.
  • Infrastructure that facilitates innovation and communication and reduces operational costs by integrating services and leveraging our high-quality cloud-based network.
  • Increases user’s mobility and flexibility both on and offpremisewith the ability to transfer, add, modify or cancel features.
  • Stress-free and cost-effective set-up and installation with a one-stop end-to-end service that minimises the burdens associated with building an integrated platform for voice/data communications and its global deployment.
  • Easier operation and maintenance of communications devices with fewer technical update issues and less systems maintenance.
  • A truly scalable solution that grows with your business.

Technical specifications

NTT ICT UCaaS service covers:

  • Smart phones
  • IP phones
  • Desktop computers
  • Email
  • Instant messaging
  • Presence
  • Voice mail
  • Video conferencing
  • Web conferencing


How can UCaaS help you?

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