On Demand Resources

NTT ICT provide a cost-effective human resource solution for IT projects, large and small. We understand today’s commercial demands and tight budgets and look to support our clients with tailored solutions – at an appropriate and affordable cost.

NTT ICT can provide a team of experts or a single individual to assist your team with flexible timeframes. You can carefully manage your resources on a project-by-project basis by leveraging NTT ICT’s on-demand resources.

With fast and reliable access to a pool of experts across a huge range of skill sets and technologies, you can adjust your project, fill skills gaps or deal with staff shortages on any project, flexibly and efficiently. 


The benefits of utilising our on-demand resources include:

  • Cost-effective: With highly competitive rates, our services cost you no more than what you need, and can reduce HR spending by hiring the appropriate expertise right away without the need for training or recruitment.
  • Expertise: Your work with NTT’s ICT experts will leverage our extensive IT project resourcing experience and thorough understanding of the IT challenges and issues facing businesses. Our consultants are pre-qualified professionals from around the globe with experience across a full range of technologies and industries
  • Tailored: Your solution is customised to your business. Our expert consultants will work in collaboration with you, listen to and understand your needs and deliver effective IT solutions based on an analysis of the skills and resources you require. We handpick the best team to suit your tight timeframe.
  • Documented: Once the project is complete, you’ll receive all the necessary project documentation for a seamless transfer.

Contact us today to see how we can assist you in providing the skills for your project.