IT Design and Deployment

NTT ICT’s IT Design and Deployment services can help your business make the right decisions. Our capability includes analysis and recommendations on systems, storage, operating systems, backup and recovery, server virtualisation, databases, networking and security, high availability and licensing.

With the initial design stage, the team will work with you to understand the business and technical requirements. During this stage, requirements will be reviewed in detail to analyse the gap between the current state of IT and the the desired future state. From there a project plan can be put in place to support the deployment.

We offer the flexibility where you can choose from the level of support and project management that you require. We’ll support your business to reach its desired successful outcomes. 


  • Experience, knowledge and objectivity: Our dedicated team of certified pre-sales specialists has the in-depth knowledge to support you to choose the right solutions that fit your budget. Our presales team includes certified product specialists across Oracle (Solaris, Systems and Database), IBM, HDS, NetApp, Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, Redhat, Cisco, F5 and Juniper. We are impartial in recommending vendors and technology. You can be assured of expert, objective recommendations. 
  • Expertise:Your smooth and stress-free deployment will be ensured by our team of skilled senior engineers with years of experience deploying complex IT projects, with specialists selected according to your technology requirements.
  • Flexibility: Utilise our services according to your needs, whether to work in conjunction with your IT team, or to take complete ownership and accountability for the successful completion of your project. We’ll be there every step of the way from initiation through to full functionality testing using our proven frameworks.
  • Skill-sharing and training: It’s important to leave you with a thorough understanding of your chosen solution and the confidence to manage it moving forward. Our experts are more than happy to share the skills and information we use to ensure streamlined deployment with your team, through formal and on-the-job training.