WAN Performance Acceleration

Take advantage of a one-stop solution for optimising application performance and your work efficiency at remote locations. Through our WAN Performance Acceleration (WPA), you’ll achieve major throughput improvement between locations without changing your current network setup, and will be fully supported from installation to maintenance. You’ll notice an immediate return on your investment with clear benefits.


Available in 19 countries, our WPA Boxes use caching and compression to exponentially improve the performance of files and applications, increasing the productivity of your office and staff. It can also decrease WAN usage resulting in cost savings for buying bandwidth.

Including control of TCP flow, TCP window size and application flow, as well as data compression and caching, our WPA Boxes are engineered to deliver a straightforward solution for your global network that will optimise performance and improve work efficiency from remote locations. After pre-installation consultation, NTT ICT will support WPA installation, operations and maintenance. You won’t look back.

Technical specifications

NTT ICT WAN Performance Acceleration

  • TCP Flow Control
  • TCP Window Size Control
  • Application Flow Control
  • Data Compression
  • Data Cache


WAN Performance Acceleration will provide you with an immediate return on investment

Why not take advantage of its many benefits for your IT infrastructure. Let’s talk about it. Contact us.  


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