Software Defined WAN

NTT ICT’s Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) is a fundamentally different approach to WAN design that better deals with the performance, economic and security challenges created by data traffic growth, cloud, mobility and the Internet of Things.

With SD-WAN enterprises can provide secure connectivity, deploy new services and applications faster, improve network performance and simplify operational complexity with more choice in the WAN. 


Traditional WAN technologies like MPLS, VPLS and VPN tunnels struggle to meet the needs that enterprise IT now demands. Connecting applications hosted in a complex combination of private and public cloud environments is increasingly operationally intensive and expensive. Bandwidths and performance are put under pressure as it becomes easier to connect mobile devices to networks.

The SD-WAN solution comprises a number of advances in network technology that better support modern network requirements.

BENEFITS of SD-WAN solution

  • SaaS and Real Time Application Optimisation: Reduces Latency associated with traditional routing
  • Improved Reliability: Guards against single path failure. High availability options
  • Reduced costs: More Cost Effective Internet Capacity
  • Faster Deployment Zero touch provision and 4G LTE mobile capability
  • Enhanced Security: End to End encryption

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Is SD WAN right for you?

If any of the following situations describe you or your organisation then our SD-WAN will be of benefit.

  • We’re running SaaS or real time applications that are having performance challenges.
  • We can’t measure or guarantee application performance across our network.
  • We’re struggling to justify buying more capacity.
  • We have sites that we can’t afford to make highly available.
  • It takes too long to get network changes done.

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