By using NTT ICT services for the monitoring and management of your network, you optimise your business performance, immediately solve network problems and can analyse and plan for projected future demands. We support the optimisation of your IT network and prevent the degradation of network performance by monitoring traffic, types of applications and destinations of IP addresses, allowing us to rapidly assess and solve any problems.


With NTT ICT’s network monitoring and management:

  • Identify and solve network issues immediately, such as virus-infected terminals, network load issues and lack of improvement in response times after installing additional lines.
  • Gain a clear overview of your current network and trends in usage, allowing you to improve, upgrade and plan for future demands, including expanding to a global network.
  • Access the information you need easily, through our user-friendly web portal that provides graphic and tabular traffic reports according to your preference.
  • Integrate with your existing network with no additional equipment or complicated structural changes required.

Technical specifications

NTT ICT Monitoring service

  • Web report monitored by each IP address and including
    • Sender IP Address, Destination IP,
      Sender Application Usage Rate,
      Destination Application Usage Rate,
      Sender / Destination Traffic Rate
  • Analysis of monitoring report based on Web Report


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