Global Leased Line Services

NTT Communications Global Leased Line Services provides you with a high-quality, cost-competitive global leased line service with outstanding operations and support services. Leveraging our seamless high-speed network environment contributes to the efficiency of your global operations as well as your agility and competitiveness.

Exemplary customer experience is facilitated via our highly skilled teams in Australia and across the globe who offer monitoring and maintenance 24x7. Meanwhile, the wide bandwidth of our network makes it the optimal choice to transmit critical business data.


Choose between two types of Global Leased Line Services to meet your specific needs:

  • If you require a high-quality service with end-to-end management, our Premium Service will provide operational management at your business premises as well as off-site support (remote monitoring, issue isolation, customer support for network outages) and on-site support (on-site isolation and restoration of network issues).
  • If you’re using a relatively wide bandwidth for your network services, our Correspondent Service is inexpensive and can be used in conjunction with  correspondent counterparties other than NTT ICT.
  • Both services provide you with a seamless network environment, 24x7 monitoring, management and troubleshooting and a single point of contact on a truly global network that covers 196 countries.
  • Multi-language support is available for network outages overseas.

Technical specifications

NTT ICT Global Leased Line Services include:

  • High-speed, digital leased line network POIs that cover multiple locations
  • 64Kbps - 45Mbps
  • Point-to-point dedicated bandwidth
  • On-site support (including on-site isolation and restoration of network troubles)
  • Off-site support (including remote monitoring, trouble isolations, customer support for network outages)


How can our Global Leased Line Services support your business?

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