Global IP VPN

NTT ICT's Arcstar Universal One© (UNO) is a globally expansive, rapidly scalable, "any-to-any", network based Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. It provides Business, Enterprise and Government Clients a highly secure, private, and flexible managed network service to connect their multiple offices in Australia, Asia Pacific and the globe, securely. NTT ICT's Arcstar Universal One©  offers industry leading Quality of Service (QoS) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees to provide peace of mind of knowing that the mission critical data is reliably transported between Client's Headquarters (HQ), data centres, branch offices, mobile workers, teleworkers and cloud infrastructure. 

Utilising Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV), we offer our industry leading network value added services this service offers an easy to manage platform with a user-friendly, "drag and drop" interface that provides automation, self-management and full visibility of your infrastructure. This service is charged on a utility based model, which provides the benefit of "pay-as-you-go" budgeting to you.

This is matched with great customer care and end-to-end management.

Extending to 196 countries worldwide – with extensive Asia-Pacific coverage – choose the level of service you require from our global one-stop shop. It’s easy to order and once you’ve done so, your business will achieve operational excellence with 24x7 monitoring, trouble-shooting and support.   


Reap the benefits of Arcstar Universal One:

  • NFV, SDN technology leadership: Most advanced and unique software delivered networking based Value Added Services providing significant benefits while lowering costs
  • Flexibility and local engineering expertise: Highly flexible solution design approach with advanced, locally present and customer accessible, network engineering team, to customise solutions to closely meet your needs
  • Four different grades of service to suit your cost requirements and technical needs, each featuring redundant access lines to ensure high availability
  • Full redundancy and resilience within and between geographic regions and dynamic topology design to accommodate new sites and applications
  • Global reach: Covering 196 countries, using low latency submarine cable systems, monitored and managed 24x7
  • Local business focus: NTT ICT unlike AT&T or Verizon, is focused on supporting the Australian businesses and tailors our services to suit your needs

Technical specifications

Arcstar Universal One™ branded IP-VPN

  • Low latency submarine cables systems including PC-1[1] and Asia Submarine-cable Express.[2]
  • Redundancy in transmission routes and node equipment
  • Automatic rerouting


Let’s talk about how Arcstar Universal One can benefit your business

With the myriad of benefits listed above, Arcstar Universal One is certain to improve your business performance. Contact us to take advantage of this service. 

Cloud-based Network Services Brochure

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Cloud-Based Application Acceleration Master Cloud-Based SSL VPN Cloud-Based Secure Gateway Cloud-Based IP Sec VPN


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[1] PC-1: A high-capacity, low-latency submarine cable system running between Japan and the US.

[2] Asia Submarine-Cable Express: A high-capacity submarine cable system connecting Japan and the US.