Ethernet Leased Line Services

NTT ICT’s global Ethernet Leased Line Service can extend the simplicity of your Ethernet LAN environment to your offices across the world. This service provides protocol-free, secure, high-bandwidth Ethernet connectivity on a global scale.  

Low Latency Network

In support of the ultra low-latency requirements for financial institutions and vendors, NTT Communications has deployed a new low-latency solution offering to provide ultra low latency between New York, Chicago, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo with high-speed networks and global data centres.

Image of Low latency Network | NTT ICT

This solution will provide:

  • We offer low-latency, Layer 1 (STM/Ethernet) services between Chicago, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.


  • We give Service Level Agreements to commit latency requirements.


  • We offer unprotected Layer 1 (STM/Ethernet) Services. Optional protected Services available based on customer design.

Fastest Route

  • We owned PC-1 International undersea cable system provides the lowest possible latency between USA and Japan. 
  • High speed USA backbone provides ultra low-latency solutions to key financial centres in the USA.

Greater Connectivity

  • We provide On-net connectivity to SGX and CME (Chicago). We will install our own nodes in SGX and CME DC, and can deliver the service in short lead time, as well as provide better operations.

Asia Submarine-cable Express (ASE)

NTT Communications launched the Asia Submarine-cable Express (ASE), a 15Tbps undersea cable, on Aug 2012. The ASE eventually will connect major business hubs across East Asia.
The ASE will boost the capacity and strengthen the redundancy of our Asian cable networks, paving the way for enhanced global network services that will meet the region’s increasing needs for low network latency and reliability. The ASE will be specially designed to withstand earthquakes and typhoons, particularly in areas such as the Bashi Channel south of Taiwan

Strategic Data Centres in Asia

All the data Centres in Asia are strategic placed in the centre of financial hubs such as Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. Our data centres are based in very close proximity to SGX and HKEx.

Image of Asia Data Centres | NTT ICT


Our Ethernet Leased Line Services are engineered to:

  • Allow you to easily design networks with your own virtual LANs (VLAN) with scalability and flexibility
  • Provide cost efficiency by extending your LAN environment globally with existing equipment
  • Give you high bandwidth with options of10Mbps to 1Gbps bandwidth
  • Facilitate seamless international connectivity through easily established multipoint connections between global and domestic VLANs, with no additional charges.
  • Allow service coverage to regions where a local carrier does not provide Ethernet access lines.

NTT ICT Ethernet Leased Line Services include:

  • 10Mbps to 1Gbps bandwidth options 

How can Ethernet Leased Line Services support your business?

To discuss your needs for Ethernet Leased Line Services, contact us today.  

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