Managed Network Devices

Managing network devices in a highly available, business critical environment is a difficult task to perform well. You need to adhere to extensive and strict change control, and employ detailed deployment and roll-back strategies to account for unforeseen issues. Doing this properly is a highly specialised task requiring skilled engineers.

NTT ICT will provide you with the calibre of skills you need, combined with vast experience, and at a fraction of the cost for you to employ your own engineers. We supply you with deployment, configuration and 24x365 system management services based on an ITIL-aligned operations runbook, designed to ensure services are managed in an efficient and repeatable fashion.


NTT’s managed network device service is engineered to provide you with:  

  • Peace of mind, all the time: All our managed network device services are monitored on a 24x7 basis by highly skilled staff in onsite Network Operation Centres. Should something happen to one of your devices, you can be sure that a trained operator is already onsite addressing the problem.
  • Expertise and experience: You access NTT ICT’s highly skilled senior network engineering resources who are able to ensure business critical changes are implemented without impact to your business, and in case of incidents, quickly pinpoint the issue and implement workarounds or rollback strategies.
  • Cost savings: The cost of hiring the required level of expertise to manage your network devices in-house would be vastly more expensive than outsourcing to NTT ICT.

Technical specifications

NTT ICT is able to provide deployment, configuration and 24x7x365 system management services for the following network infrastructure vendors:

  • Cisco (switching, security)
  • Juniper (switching, security)
  • Arista (switching)
  • F5 (load balancing, security)

If you’re interested in managed network device services, but don’t see your choice of device on this list – not to worry. Talk to the NTT ICT team and let’s find out how we can help you.


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