Database as a Service

Save time, costs and resources using NTT ICT’s Database as a Service

Leverage a wide range of benefits from cost-efficiency to technical expertise. Our cloud-based services mean that someone else owns the infrastructure: you pay only for what you use and need. You can choose to utilise NTT ICT’s expertise for any or all of your management tasks, accessing expert architects and technicians to scope install and manage your platform. 

NTT ICT’s Database as a Service (DBaaS) offering is a true cloud based Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition workloads. The DBaaS platform comprises of;

  • BYO or bundled Oracle DB Enterprise license, including add on packs
    • Minimum requirement is Oracle DB Enterprise, with Diagnostics and Tuning packs
    • Other DB add on packs provided on request
  • Support for Oracle Hard Partitioning and license over subscription, meaning you can allocate DB licenses to certain CPU cores, and run multiple VM’s on those cores (ie: customer side contention)
  • Highly available, SLA backed, underlying compute platform, built on Oracle infrastructure solutions
    • Options for Oracle X86 and Oracle SPARC CPU arcihtectures
  • Each DB instance is deployed into a dedicated VM instance, which is monitored and managed on a 24x7 basis, including patching and incident support
  • Self service provided through Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Integration into NTT ICT’s cloud platforms, allowing for native cloud based integration between Oracle DB environments and traditional workloads.

In addition NTT ICT is able to supply system facing DBA Services to remove the burden of infrastructure facing database administration from your App / Dev team. 

Benefits from Database as a Service

  • Pay only for what you use and need
  • Access to the NTT ICT’s expertise for some or all of your management tasks
  • Access to expert architects and technicians to scope install and manage your platform

Let’s talk about how Database as a Service can help address your organisation’s needs. Contact us today.