IT Consulting

NTT ICT's IT consulting service is ready to help businesses who want to take advantage of IT experts who can provide a complete package to ensure your IT infrastructure meets your current and future needs. This provides you with the right solution and a competitive edge for your business.

NTT ICT's Director, Solutions Julian Badell explains how to future proof your IT using consulting services.


Our fields of expertise include

  • Network virtualisation
  • Infrastructure convergence
  • Cloud readiness
  • Data migration
  • Storage, disaster recovery & backup


  • Expert, objective advice: Our certified professionals have in-depth product knowledge across a broad range of solutions and are not tied to particular vendors or technology. Your requirements will be assessed with qualified eyes to recommend what’s best for you. NTT ICT also stays a step ahead of the trends, and we’re known for recommending best practice solutions to our customers.
  • Sound implementation: Even if your project is only in the early stage, we’ll seek to gain a clear understanding of your business needs towards early and effective collaboration. Our team will then apply a structured methodology throughout the assessment, design and review process to achieve your objectives. This reduces risk associated with IT transformation.
  • Cost effective: Detailed planning has been shown to reduce costs over the long term. A roadmap minimises unnecessary IT spend and reduces the risk of pursuing ineffective projects.  

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