Supporting your business

Reliable and flexible ICT is essential to any business, particularly in a climate of fast-changing technology, changing customer expectations and digital disruption. NTT are experts with over 20 years experience identifying and implementing the right technology to support our clients. We’ll consult with you to understand your business and needs, what the technology is going to be used for and the best way to deploy it – and then make it easy for you with a seamless full service from consulting to design to purchase, delivery and implementation and life-cycle management. 

Your customer experience

NTT removes the stress of buying infrastructure, including dealing with multiple vendors. Using leading tools and processes to provide ongoing asset management, NTT ICT is responsive to your needs and concerns. A dedicated national team provides end-to-end managed maintenance contract service. We can fast-track the deployment of your purchased infrastructure. You can access an additional escalation point for vendor maintenance and support service issues. Read more about the professional services through NTT  that can support your work.

Your Needs and Requirements

NTT provides you with a customised and flexible experience so you get the technology you need, when and where you need it. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, you choose where to locate applications, the level of management you’ll provide, where your infrastructure will be located and cloud integration required. NTT can provide equipment to multiple locations, warehouse stock until you’re ready for it, and backed by the financial strength of our global organisation, can offer flexible financial arrangements and models. Find out more about how we can help you to manage and maintain your infrastructure.

Our Partners

NTT partners with the world’s leading technology brands to provide you with choice, the best value for money and the simplest route to procurement. Our vendors back and support us and have recognised NTT with accreditation, credentials and many awards. Learn more about our partners and how we work together to bring you the right solution.

We've Been Doing this for ages

NTT is extremely knowledgeable, a thought leader in technology, closely monitoring the latest reports from analysis and able to advise you on the latest technologies. Our team has some of the most senior, longest standing and most highly regarded people within the IT industry who are up-to-date with technology changes. Our experience and in-house resources and skills will help you to achieve the outcomes you want.