Data Protection

We are all facing increased levels of regulation and a need to conform to more rigorous standards in data protection and data privacy. With the passage and establishment of the Notifiable Data Breach and General Data Protection Regulation, Australian organisations are well aware of the potential brand and reputational damage caused by a failure to protect customer data. Much of the current investment in data loss prevention is being driven by compliance with local and global regulations and frameworks. However, it is important for organisations to look beyond checklists for protecting personally identifiable information, data separation, and carelessness with laptops and storage devices.

True data leakage prevention programs provide demonstrable value to the business. NTT Communications and NTT Security focus on protecting the data that is most important to your organisation and help reduce exposure to a level your business is comfortable with - a level that keeps the regulator happy but puts your business first. Our Data Protection approach combines deep technical and business consulting experience to create top-down and bottom-up data loss programs that are pragmatic and in tune with your business goals.