Security Operations Centre

NTT Security's Security Operations Centre (SOC) consist of a team of security experts who have the skills and knowledge to help monitor activity on your systems, analyse your event logs and respond to any threats that manage to get through. If your organisation is not large and do not have a team of security specialists to implement and manage your security needs, a SOC can help.

For example, Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) is not a solution that is low cost and easy to maintain without dedicated in-house resources. Apart from costs of both procurement and implementation of the relevant hardware and tools, you'll still need the necessary skilled resources to manage and maintain the system. By outsourcing to a SOC, it’ll save you from investing in and/or upgrading your current hardware, procuring licences for SIEM tools, and from the pain of figuring out what knowledge and expertise you need to help run and manage it.

Advantages of outsourcing to a soc

You get a tailored solution with services staffed by experienced analysts, risk and compliance managers and service delivery managers. You can leverage their expertise to manage your entire security infrastructure or see them as an extension of your current security team, tapping on their knowledge and skills as and when you need them.

A Security Operations Centre can help you with:

  • A centralised monitoring system
  • In-depth visibility of risk to your environment
  • Evidence-based reporting of risks and vulnerabilities
  • A fast response to threats
  • Reduced impact of incidents to the business
  • An understanding of the relative risk posed by incidents
  • Demonstrations of compliance
  • A way to prioritise and track issue resolution

Leverage the latest technology in the industry by working with NTT Security's well-established SOC through NTT Communications. You can opt for your security to be managed completely, as-a-Service, or just use the team as appropriate to supplement your security efforts.

Please contact us for more information on our SOC services.