Enterprise Security Program Services

With nearly two decades of service delivery experience, NTT Security developed Enterprise Security Program Services (ESPS)  to align the Managed Security Services (MSS) to your risk, security and compliance programs and meet your service expectations - and that they stay that way.

Beyond traditional MSS, ESPS services enable NTT Communications customers to mature their security program. With NTT Security, our dedicated team of security professionals will take responsibility for strategic planning, architecture, implementation, advanced analytics, reporting, and overall security program guidance.

NTT Security developed the Enterprise Security Program Services to give you:


Preparation provides the necessary foundation building blocks to receive the full benefit of our Enterprise Security Monitoring Service and validates that you have the controls and infrastructure to provide the visibility needed to detect and protect against advanced threats.


Expecting a standardised, off-the-shelf managed service to meet your expectations is unrealistic. NTT Communications, with NTT Security, can align our services with your identified risks, threats, team, and processes to maximise detective and preventative capabilities.


Your security program is unique. To ensure that our managed services produce the agreed outcomes and information, our output and reporting is tailored to your requirements, and provide executive briefings and account reviews to communicate the value of the program.


As part of ESPS, NTT Security conducts some pre-defined activities which can be further customised to meet the specific needs of your business:

On-site Planning and Design

Capturing strategic objectives, key information assets, and establishing a program roadmap.

Security Architecture Assessment

Evaluating network topology, building log collection architecture and defining the requirements-driven cases to meet business objectives.

Implementation and Service Delivery

Executing and delivering technical components, along with developing service operation processes. A dedicated project manager will be assigned for planning, reporting and communications.

Tailored Advanced Analytics Enhancements

Recurring review and gap analysis of MSS operations, tuning performance and driving value throughout the life of the contract.

Security Program Guidance

Defining the program target state and laying out concrete steps to reach maturity. Five key areas: Program Planning, Infrastructure, Operations, Response and Reporting are considered in the final analysis.

Executive Briefings & Account Reviews

Conducting on-site quarterly account project reviews and half-yearly executive briefings during engagement and for a period following conclusion of implementation.