Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services (MSS) provides proactive security management, including continuous monitoring, scanning and analysis, advanced services, and customised managed, detection and response services  when you need them - across on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments. NTT Security proactively mitigate risk to protect your organisation against multiple, complex security threats, around the clock.

NTT Communications, with NTT Security, offers the following Managed Security Services:

By leveraging NTT Security's investment in threat intelligence and advanced analytics, we support security experts in delivering reliable and scalable MSS. These services identify and stop advanced threats, while providing insight and metrics into security posture and trends. By turning data into knowledge, we help you see the whole picture rather than isolated events.

Our MSS are designed for clients with business-specific security objectives. With this in mind, we provide optimised MSS through Enterprise Security Program Services (ESPS) which enable you to comprehensively mature your security program. ESPS aligns MSS to your risk, security and compliance programs. Learn more about ESPS.