Disaster Recovery

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that IT infrastructure can and does fail. Faulty power grids, gas leaks, environmental hazards, or more common incidents caused by people or processes – these things happen. If your organisation were hit by a major IT problem, would it survive? Gartner Research expects that two out of five businesses that suffer a major incident with their IT infrastructure will go out of business.

In the past, disaster recovery was cost-prohibitive and complex. Now with the prevalence of quality data centres, improvements in virtualisation and replication software, and the availability of high speed broadband, it is possible to deliver cost-effective, operational disaster recovery services. It has become a viable – and valuable – option for most organisations.


NTT is able to offer disaster recovery solution tailored to meet the needs of your business:

  • Colocation Services: Take advantage of high quality, highly available colocation and data centre services tailored to meet your disaster recovery requirements. Security from individual racks to caged areas can be provided to meet the security and compliance requirements your business demands.
  • Network Services: NTT provides industry-leading IPv6 compliant, Tier 1, global IP network backbone designed to meet your disaster recovery needs – whether used as a primary feed into multiple locations that can be accessed from an alternate BCP location, or simply as a second carrier to guard against a failure in your primary circuit.
  • Managed Services: Assist your disaster recovery and BCP requirements with a range of selective or fully outsourced device management options. If your business needs assistance with one technology stack (e.g. UNIX or security), NTT can selectively manage just this component of your infrastructure stack, acting as an extension of your existing IT team. Alternatively, full outsource options are available to hypervisor or operating system levels.
  • Cloud Services: NTT’s cloud services are ideal for disaster recovery applications. Whether public cloud solutions that can be scaled up during a disaster event, a private cloud configured to accept replicated data from your existing environment, or a hybrid approach combining aspects of both, NTT is able to work with your business to tailor a cloud solution to meet the recovery point (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) you require.


NTT ICT’s Disaster Recovery solutions may include:

  • Public cloud solutions to provide commercial flexibility and the ability to scale up during a DR event
  • Private cloud solutions tailored to meet specific recovery-point and recovery-time objectives
  • Colocation in NTT ICT’s Australian-based or global data centres
  • Selective managed services to work with and fill skills gaps in in-house IT teams
  • A fully outsourced, highly automated DR platform, with SLA-backed recovery time and recovery point objectives


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