Data Centre Migration

Moving data centres is not something you want to do often; it’s a high-risk and complex activity that can, if executed poorly, cause significant downtime for your business. At the same time, the benefits from data centre migration can include taking advantage of the advanced features of new facilities, outsourcing time-consuming data centre management and better utilising your IT real estate resulting in long-term financial savings and better business performance.

NTT ICT has extensive experience assisting customers with their data centre migration projects. We can help you whether you’re migrating to an NTT data centre or to another location. We can provide services that include requirements analysis, technical design, project management, continuing support and equipment transfer. Work with us for a fully end-to-end management solution, or allow us to manage critical components of the process from accepting delivery of equipment to preparing your new location.

We’ll manage the seamless migration of this valuable resource from your premises, make the process easy for you to oversee, and give you peace of mind that the move is implemented effectively and efficiently. 


By working with NTT ICT to migrate your data centre, you leverage NTT ICT’s extensive experience and expertise and can count on high-quality and reliable service. Our Data Centre Migration service includes: 

  • An initial assessment of requirements including a detailed audit of existing IT assets
  • Workshops to understand the business objectives underpinning the migration project and future state design requirements
  • A detailed project plan including risk assessments and any required rollback strategies
  • The migration of equipment over one or more multiple migration windows using sensitive freight and handlers.
  • Management of support agreements and warranties
  • Redesign of rack layout and recabling of equipment at the new location to provide optimal environmental efficiency
  • A post-migration review and project shutdown activities


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